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The values and vision that move us forward everyday.


The Company



Our strategic vision focuses on developing logistic solutions for the healthcare industry. In a near future, robots will be part of every hospital performing repetitive and heavy duty tasks.


Our vision is one where robots and healthcare workers work seamlessly, continuously and efficiently with integrated solutions created by our technology.




At Med Robots, our values are quality, capability and innovation. We believe technology holds the key for a better world through continuous improvement.

We design, build, test and we innovate — constantly. We know that innovation is not a destination, but a mindset. We care deeply about everything that we do and we don’t compromise in our integrity to develop solutions that are safe and efficient.



Hospitals have complex and dense logistic needs and our mission is to alleviate those structures with integrated solutions for a more safe, efficient and cost effective healthcare system.


Our mission focus is to provide robotic solutions through innovation, research, development, production, leasing and commercialisation of robots for hospital environments.




Our goal is to improve the stay of patients in healthcare environments by providing top of the line integrated logistic solutions. With our technology hospitals can be more efficient and healthcare workers can focus on the most important: the well being of patients.


By alleviating the repetitive and hard workloads at hospitals, robotics can turn humans less robotic. And besides focusing on the patients, and making every work day easier for healthcare workers, our goal is also to provide a more cost efficient solution for the healthcare industry.

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