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Norms for implementing a strategy of non-discrimination and equality between men and women.


I - Global Assessment


The operation took into account national and european priorities in the field of gender equality.


Our company has numerical and qualitative indicators disaggregated from gender.


Our company has a policy of balancing jobs between men and women.


Although there is a gender disproportionality between graduates / workers in certain areas (for example, production management and control is an area predominantly chosen by the female gender while the product development area has a higher proportion of males), we intend to maintain the proportionality between men and women, that is, if it is possible to hire men and women in equal numbers.


However, this proportionality is not mandatory in the sense that it cannot be discriminatory, that is, it is necessary to find a worker with professional, socio-relational skills and with the appropriate profile for each workplace, regardless of the gender with which they were born.



II - Equality in access to employment, work and professional training


Actions were planned to strengthen gender equality consciousness in the organization, that is, an equal and non-discriminatory management of human resources was promoted.


The operation promoted equal pay between men and women.


The basic salary will be established according to the training, skills and position to be performed. Other rewards will be set based on loyalty and performance.


People are evaluated on the basis of their performance and their contribution to the company's growth, with more responsibilities and higher remuneration being awarded according to this evaluation. Salary or other remunerations will be established in accordance with general objective criteria, namely effort, dedication and work and specific objectives, namely and by way of example, increase in the number of customers, improvement in financial results, proportion of new innovations in the development of products, improvement of creative and problem solving skills, improvement of promoted social skills.


In other words, people will be selected and evaluated by other criteria, which do not include the person's gender.


Mechanisms and strategies were established to increase the proportion of under-represented gender in decision-making processes.


We intend to have jobs filled by men and women, if possible on an equal basis, and to encourage the participation in the education of children, both fathers and mothers.


Use of non-sexist and inclusive language in internal and external communication.



III - Promotion of work-life balance


Actions were planned to facilitate the reconciliation between professional and personal life.


Workers who collaborate with us will enjoy school support for their children and internal and external training.


The personal life of each person is respected and efforts are made to reconcile work with the personal interests of employees.


Employees will be motivated to maintain a healthy balance between the work component and the personal component, so that they feel valued and committed to carrying out their responsibilities.


The emotional balance of our employees, the maintenance of their physical, psychological and social well-being is fundamental for us and valued.


Harassment prevention measures were developed, namely unwanted behaviors with the aim of disturbing or embarrassing the person, affecting their dignity or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or destabilising environment.


Prevention measures consist of rules of conduct and rules of civilized behavior and respect for others, maintaining the organization and professionalism necessary to carry out education and training functions for people.


In case of harassment, there must be a mediation process, resulting in an effective and immediate change in behavior. If the behavior persists, this will not be allowed.


Preventive measures are privileged over exclusion measures. However, making employees aware of the consequences of verbal or physical behavior of harassment, intimidation or hostile behavior is a preventive measure.

The Administration,

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